Our Story


I was privileged to grow up in a Christian home. And was saved at the age of 16. A year later, the Lord began to burden my heart for full time ministry.

It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that God began to burden my heart for missions. God used missionaries from my church, Cherry Street Baptist, and the missions emphasis week at college to break my heart for missions. God had made it clear that I was called to be a missionary and nothing else.

While in college, I met and married my wife, Janay. Both Janay and I have a burden for missions and a strong desire and love for Africa. After a year of praying about different African countries, God placed Uganda on our hearts during the missions conference at our church.

We were able to go to Uganda for just over three weeks in 2017 and work with veteran Missionaries. While there, we saw people who were happy to be in a peaceful country and heard the stories of what the war was like just one generation ago. They celebrate the peace of their country, but what they don’t know is that the spiritual battle for their souls is more present now than ever. The Lord made it clear that these people need to hear and experience true peace, and He has called us to proclaim the peace of Christ in Uganda.

After graduating college, I began a two year internship at Cherry Street Baptist Church. This time of being involved in full time ministry has better equipped us to do what God has called us to in Uganda. I am humbled and excited about what God has in store for me and my family.


I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home with my dad, Joe Nogalski, as my pastor. When I was 8 years old, I realized that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. It was on March 31, 2003, that I accepted Christ as my personal Savior. 

God began to work in my heart as He opened doors for me to lead ministries and go on mission trips. When I was 16 years old, God used a restricted access missionary family speaking at my church to show me that being a missionary was what He wanted me to be. I did not know where the Lord would lead me. One thing I knew for sure, I was called that day to be a missionary. 

While at college, I met and married my husband. Through different situations, God separately confirmed to us that we would serve in Africa, but we did not know the specific country. As we continued to pray for God’s guidance, veteran missionaries to Uganda came to speak at our church. After hearing from them and also seeing the great need first hand on our survey trip in 2017, we knew God was placing a burden for this place on our lives. God specifically opened our eyes to the amount of children in Uganda. Over 50% of the 45 million people that live in Uganda are 15 years or younger. What an incredible opportunity we have to go back to Uganda, and help raise up a new generation of Ugandans who are firmly grounded on the life-changing truth of God’s Word. 

God called my husband and I to share the true peace of Christ to the people in Uganda. Without someone to share this amazing peace, many will be enslaved by the lies of witchcraft and many others will die to spend an eternity separate from God. I am humbled to be called and excited for the journey ahead. 

Our Experience


Internship Experience

Missions Intern~ Cherry Street Baptist Church (2018-2020)

Pastoral/Ministry Staff
Elementary Director
Bus Ministry Director
Kids Camp Director
Kids Summer Program Director
Good News Club Director
Oversaw Kid’s Area Remodel
Worked with the Missions Program

Ministry Experience

Cherry Street Baptist Church, Springfield, MO (2013-2020)
Pastor Dennis Jennings

Elementary Sunday School Teacher
Bus Captain
Awana Games Leader
VBS Volunteer
College Care Group Leader
Choir/Praise Team Member
College Band-Vocalist
Junior Deacon

Texas Avenue Baptist Church, College Station, TX (1998-2013)
Pastor Eric Doucet

Choir Member
Kids Camp Speaker/Counselor
VBS Volunteer
Personal Evangelism/Visitation
Jr Church Worker


Internship Experience

Office Assistant ~ Cherry Street Baptist Church, Springfield, MO (2016-2020)

Church Management Software
Compiled Orchestra Music
Scheduled Nursery Volunteers
Directed Preschool Summer Program
Directed Preschool VBS
Ladies Retreat Speaker

Ministry Experience

Cherry Street Baptist Church, Springfield, MO (2016-2020) 
Pastor Dennis Jennings

Choir & Orchestra Member
Elementary Sunday School Teacher
Nursery Volunteer
Good News Club Worker
GROW Visitation Participant
Kids Camp Counselor
Awana Leader & Secretary

Crossway Baptist Church, Springfield, MO (2013-2016)
Pastor Eddie Bumpers

College Ladies Sunday School Teacher
Awana Leader
GROW Visitation Participant

Memorial Baptist Church, New Haven, MO (2002-2013)
Pastor Joe Nogalski

Young Girl’s Bible Study Leader
VBS Volunteer
Upward Sports Volunteer

Our Destination

The “Pearl of Africa”

Uganda is known as the “Pearl of Africa” because of its immense beauty such as glacier-capped mountains, the mighty Lake Victoria, and colorful wildlife. Since 1986, Uganda has, for the most part, been a peace-filled country. Before the current government, there were many years of civil wars, deaths, and unrest. The people of Uganda are part of a multicultural society with more than 50 ethnic groups and over 30 distinct
languages or dialects.

The Present Darkness

  • In a country of 45 million people, more than 90% hold to the religions of Anglican, Roman Catholicism, and Islam (according to Joshua Project).
  • Despite their religion, many Ugandans are still
    enslaved by the traditions of Witchcraft.

The Priceless Opportunities

Though Ugandans celebrate political peace after many years of conflict, the battle for their souls is ever intensifying. Ugandans cannot know how to have the inner peace between God and man without the truth of God’s Word. With 50% of the population under the age of 15, there is a huge opportunity to help raise up a generation that is firmly grounded on Biblical truth. We have the priceless opportunity to win Ugandans to Christ, train more leaders, pastors, and teachers in the process of planting churches with the goal of sharing the Gospel of true peace for God’s glory.

Our Mission

What is our purpose?

  • Win Ugandans for Christ
  • Disciple believers
  • Train Ugandans to teach/preach/lead
  • Plant Ugandan-lead, local indigenous churches

Where will we start?

  • We will be living in Entebbe Uganda.
  • We will be acclimating to the Ugandan culture and enroll in language school.
  • We will build relationships and actively be seeking out Gospel opportunities.

What is our plan?

  • We will actively and continually share the Gospel with Ugandans in their own heart language.
  • We will be involved in teaching and training Ugandan men and women to serve and take ownership of the Great Commission.
  • We will begin to prayerfully seek new areas for another church plant.


“Nolan has a genuine love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Nolan and Janay have a great desire to honor Christ by obeying the Great Commission. I believe they will be greatly used by God to reach Ugandans with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

-Eric Doucet, Pastor of Texas Avenue Baptist Church

“The LeTourneaus represent our Lord and Savior well. Their lives are surrendered to serving Him. Based on personal interactions with the LeTourneau family and their desire and testimony to serve Christ in Uganda.”

-Chadd Harkrider, Pastor of Southside Baptist Church

“This is a couple you want on your team. They come in, they go to work, they love people, and they love the Lord. I would ask that you prayerfully consider making them a part of your missions family.”

-Tim Auten, Pastor of Temple Baptist Church

“It is my honor to recommend this young couple as Missionaries of the Baptist Bible Fellowship on their way to Africa. I truly believe they will be outstanding servants of the Lord and of the Gospel to the people of Uganda. I urge your church to partner with them to fulfill the desires of their hearts, and God’s calling upon their lives, to reach the Ugandans as soon as possible.”

-Ray Adams, Associate Pastor at Cherry Street Baptist Church/Professor at Baptist Bible College

“Nolan and Janay LeTourneau have a very strong call to minister in Uganda. If you spend any time with them, you will sense their passion for the people of Uganda. They have a good ministry plan.”

-Lewis McClendon, BCMN Missionary Coach & Trainer

“I can honestly say this young family is ready to work for our Lord and Savior as missionaries to Uganda. They will be missionaries that will work to bring forth fruit using the dollars you entrust to them wisely and efficiently to lay up treasures in heaven. You will be able to celebrate what God will do through the LeTourneau Family in Uganda.”

-Joe Nogalski, Former Pastor/Representative of the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home

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