From January 2018 to September 2020, we have been missionary interns at Cherry Street Baptist Church. We are incredibly thankful for how God has used this time to fully prepare us for the mission field ahead. Through directing programs and being available to help with any ministry opportunity that arose, we had the chance to share the Gospel with many people from all different walks of life. The joy of seeing others come to know Christ and follow through with believer’s baptism and discipleship is comparable to no other.

One of the ministries we were privileged to have directed was Good News Club (GNC). Because of this wonderful after-school program, we had the unique opportunity to teach God’s Word for a couple of hours each week to children who may have otherwise never heard of the Gospel, muchless the name of Jesus. We are overjoyed to share with you that 15 children accepted Christ as their personal Savior during our time at GNC. Others, while not making a decision during our sweet time with them, would consistently ask questions about the Bible each week. We know a seed has been planted in their life and relationships have been built with parents. We praise God that many of those children have decided to come to church through our bus ministry so they can learn even more about Christ.

It is amazing to look back at each of the facets of our internship and see how each one has better shaped and prepared us for the future. We are praising God for how he has orchestrated it all and are thankful for the wisdom Pastor Jennings has shared. We are eager to start our next step in ministry now that our internship is officially complete.