Praise & Progress

From Kentucky, to South Carolina, and then back to Springfield, Missouri, we have traveled a total of 2,327 miles in the month of March. We want to give a big thank you for the blessing of being able to be in these churches. Thank you for being so kind to our family and showering us with your prayers and support. Through these travels, we were able to take part in Q&A sessions, sharing our calling, and speaking in Sunday school classes and children’s ministries. 

We are praising the Lord to have received news from Florence Baptist Temple in Florence, KY, Bethel Baptist in Bryan, TX , and Florence Baptist Temple in Florence, SC. These caring church families are now our newest partners in the ministry. 


Family Announcement

We are excited to announce that the newest member of our little family will be arriving in October, 2021! We are so thankful for this new blessing, and Kayson is excited to be a big brother. Please pray for Janay’s health as we travel and that our newest bundle of joy will be healthy as well. 


    Kayson is going to be a big brother!

June-September Bookings 

We would love the opportunity to share with your church the ministry in Uganda to which God has called us. We are currently booking June-September. If you would like to schedule us, please give us a call at 417-894-4811 or email us at


Kayson making friends everywhere we go

Spending time with the church family at Graceway Baptist Church, MO

Nolan teaching the kids about Missions at Florence Baptist Temple, KY

Janay sharing her testimony with the people at Florence Baptist Temple, KY

Nolan sharing about Uganda with the church frailly at Florence Baptist Temple, SC