A Month of Meetings

The month of May was full of fellowship meetings. The first meeting we had the privilege of attending was the BBFI Fellowship Meeting at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO. Between meeting pastors, making bookings, and gathering so much wisdom and encouragement from those pastors, other missionaries, and former BBC professors, this meeting was an absolute blessing. The Central West Texas Fellowship at Broadway Baptist, in Sweetwater, TX, was the second meeting we had the joy of attending. We are incredibly thankful to have been invited to this meeting and given the opportunity to share our calling to Uganda with this group of pastors. Thank you for praying for us to get bookings! Those prayers were answered at both of these meetings. 


Summer Preparation 

As summer approaches, we have been preparing for the unique opportunities/bookings the Lord has brought our way. In addition to presenting the ministry God has called us to do in Uganda, we will be helping in a Kid’s Camp as well as a Vacation Bible School. We are ecstatic about these opportunities as we look forward to the children’s ministry we will one day be a part of in a country where the majority of the population is under the age of 15. Please keep us in prayer as we prepare lessons. Please also be praying for the hearts of those who will hear the lessons.

 BBFI Fellowship Meeting at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO.

Nolan Singing at The Central West Texas Fellowship Meeting.