Hello from the East

As we write this letter, we are continuing our travels through the East. Thank you for praying for bookings! It has been a blessing to get to share our love for and calling to Uganda with the precious church families of Friendship Baptist in Watsontown, PA; Fellowship Baptist Lighthouse Church in Unadilla, NY; Faith Baptist in Covington, VA; and Valley Forge Baptist in Collegeville, PA. The encouragement, prayer partners, and financial supporters gained from these church families are so valuable to us. 

Kids Camp

Before we traveled towards the East coast, we started the month in Texas, at Texas Avenue Baptist’s Kids Camp. This is the camp at which Nolan used to serve as a counselor. This year, Nolan had the opportunity to be the camp speaker. Twice a day, the kids dug deep into God’s Word as they explored different Biblical accounts of people either giving into temptation or fleeing it. They learned what it means to be tempted and how God gives us the power to resist temptation as we fully rely on Him. God reminds us daily that though he has called us to Uganda, He has us in the States at this time for a reason. We are thankful for the ministry opportunities we can take part in as we travel on deputation.