Deputation Progress 

As of March, we are officially over 50% of our financial monthly support needed to move to and live in Uganda full-time! This is such an incredible blessing! In addition to this, we not only have the finances to completely pay for language school upon arrival, but through your giving, we have all the necessary funds for our flight tickets, passports, visas, and work permits. We are anxious to reach the field to start language learning and culture adaptation for the purpose of planting churches, reaching the lost, and raising disciples. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for your continued prayers and support! 


March Madness for Missions 

We had the joy of being in 6 different churches including three different mission conferences in the month of March. We are incredibly thankful for our new partners in the ministry including, Harbor Baptist Church of Ormond Beach, FL; Osage Baptist Church of Marshfield, MO; and McCauely Baptist Church of San Antonio, TX. 

Planting Seeds from Neighborhoods to Our Home 

While traveling, many times local restaurants become our offices. While Nolan was sitting at a Taco Bell, getting some work accomplished, he met an older woman named Maria. In conversation, Maria shared her story. She had been a practicing Catholic up until three years ago when she decided to become an Atheist. Nolan was able to answer her questions about why simply doing good works never made her life better. While she was not ready to get saved, a seed was planted and she has been invited to a local church. Please be praying for Maria’s salvation! 

We are thankful for the opportunities the Lord places in our path to plant seeds of the Gospel. It also brings us so much joy to be able to do the same in our own family. Recently, Kayson has been asking many questions about God, Jesus, and Heaven. Janay has been able to answer his questions and lay the foundation for him as he continues to grow in his understanding of the Scriptures. Please pray for Kayson and Maylee, that they will come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior as we bring them up in the way of the Lord.