Summer Preparations 

Summer is here and with it comes many different serving/witnessing opportunities. This summer, we will be helping with two different Vacation Bible Schools, and Nolan will be helping with a youth camp. What a blessing it is to be able to serve even as we continue the deputation trail! We are praying for the Lord to already be working in the lives of those who will attend these events. Please join us in praying for these opportunities and that many will not only hear the Gospel but receive Jesus as their personal Savior. 

Missionary Family Reunion 

This month, we had the amazing blessing to attend the Missionary Family Reunion, hosted by the BBFI. This is a week of pure refreshment and encouragement from God’s Word and a wonderful time with pastors, BBFI staff, and fellow missionaries. There are no words to describe being able to sit down and just soak in all there is to learn from someone who has been through deputation, moving to a foreign field, and ministry/life on that foreign field. We are so thankful for that! Since this time, many specific Bible verses have been running through our minds including Psalm 118:24 and Matthew 6:34. TODAY is the day we have been given and God gives strength for today. What a treasure to know that our tomorrow is in His hands. One day soon, our “today” will be in Uganda. Until then, may we be found faithful in the today He has given us. 

Booking our 2022 Fall 

There are still a few dates available to be booked this coming Fall. We would love the opportunity to share with your church the ministry in Uganda to which God has called us. If you would like to schedule us, please give us a call at 417-894-4811 or email us at