Summer, Serving, & Salvations 

You prayed with us for souls to be saved this summer at youth camp and VBS, and we are beyond excited to share with you the blessings that came from these opportunities! Nolan was able to have conversations with different boys at youth camp. One in particular has been in our prayers since we first started serving in the children’s ministry and even before we were on our way to Uganda as missionaries. On the third day of camp, this boy approached Nolan saying he needed to get saved! This boy has been in church, heard the Gospel many times, and had conversations with Nolan and other leaders in the past. But on that day, we were able to see the fruit of years of labor/prayer when he finally realized that he was a sinner and needed to have Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. Thank you, Jesus! 

Janay had the opportunity to teach the 3rd-5th grade Bible class during VBS at our sending church. Every day, she would use different archaeological finds throughout history to prove that the Bible is true. The kids would learn that when they seek truth, they find Jesus. We are overjoyed to share that 14 kids got saved that week! One sweet girl who got saved was so excited to share her decision with not only her leaders but also her parents. How exciting it is to see their excitement over knowing that Jesus is their personal Savior! 

After the first day of VBS, Kayson was scheduled to get a haircut. When the sweet lady cutting his hair asked what he did that day, Kayson proceeded to tell her all about VBS at his church and invited her to come with him! We shared the details of service times and she said she might visit on a Sunday soon. We are so thankful for these opportunities the Lord placed in our path as we continue our time of deputation. 

Upcoming Travels 

In just a few short days from writing this letter, we will load our van to start traveling to more churches as we continue our time of raising support on deputation. It is our prayer to be moving to Uganda within the first part of next year. Would you please continue praying that we reach 100% of our needed monthly support soon? We are so thankful for a very booked fall, and we are looking with anticipation for how the Lord will work both in our deputation season as well as when we move to Uganda.