Happy Thanksgiving! 

We pray you had a wonderful thanksgiving season with loved ones! There are so many reasons to be thankful. We want you to know that we are specifically thankful for YOU. 

~Thank you for your continual prayer support. There is truly power in prayer. Your faithfulness to pray for our family both now and once we are in Uganda is so vitally important. We never take it for granted! 

~Thank you for your financial support. We are so very thankful for the multiple people and church families who have come alongside us to financially help us move to Uganda. Your giving will help us reach, teach, and minister in the most effective ways on the field. 

~Thank you for your encouragement and love. So many of you reach out to us in some way or another on a regular basis. Knowing you care for our family and kids means the world to us! It is such a joy to personally hear from you. 

Say YES to God 

We had an incredible time with Orlando Baptist Church during their mission week! Even though we can officially say we have experienced our first hurricane (We  praise the Lord it was only a category 1!), we are so thankful for the Lord’s safety and how He continued to work throughout the week. From getting to share our testimonies, answer questions, and speak during the main services, to presenting in the children’s ministry and the Spanish Speaking  ministry, we were tremendously blessed by this church family. We were blown away by the thoughtful questions the kids had for us. All week, they had been learning about missions and were challenged to say “Yes!” to whatever God wants them to do. That is our prayer! May we all say “Yes!” without hesitation to what our Lord and Savior asks of us.  Thank you Orlando Baptist for blessing us during your mission week. We are so thankful for you partnering with us to reach Uganda with the good news of the Gospel.


***below our pictures from our time with Orlando Baptist Church (Orlando FL), and our time with South Drive Baptist (Channelview TX)***