Five Thousand Miles 

From Texas and back again with stops in between that included Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Mississippi, this past month has been full of travels totaling no less than 5,000 miles. Praise the Lord for bookings, no car troubles, good health, encouraging friends, Gospel conversations, and new supporting churches! As much as our hearts are truly longing to be in Uganda this very moment, to see God work throughout our deputation journey has been amazing, humbling, and faith-stretching all at the same time. Things such as safety through countless traffic jams and multiple tornado warnings while driving on the highway, a perfectly timed love offering, our child’s answered prayer for a new friend at the church we visited, all set-up costs for the field being fully covered, brothers and sisters in Christ daily reaching out to let us know they are praying for us, church families voting to regularly support what God has called us to do, and many gospel conversations, only begin to scratch the surface of the amazing ways we have seen God work. We know each mile is a part of His plan, and with each mile traveled, we are one step closer to moving to Uganda.

On a Deeper Level 

We absolutely love getting to know the individuals that make up each church family we get the privilege of visiting. Janay recently had the opportunity to talk to a young lady in high school who had surrendered to be a missionary. Praise the Lord for souls still answering the call by being willing to do whatever the Lord asks of them! We also had a few opportunities this month to talk to different small groups. Through these small groups, we have been able to share on a deeper level how God is refining, molding, and working in our lives. We get to talk about one of our great loves: the people of Uganda. We get to answer the many questions of why we would choose to live away from America. It is during these moments, we pray the Lord will open eyes to how we are nobodies simply doing what God has asked of us. It is in these conversations, we pray that people will see that they can and should do whatever God calls them to do. It is by each opportunity we get to speak, that God strengthens our love for a place we have yet to call home.