Uganda ~ Here we ARE 

With all glory to God, we joyfully send you our first prayer letter from Uganda. We have made it! Praise the Lord for countless answers to prayer regarding our travel days including safe arrival, ALL luggage arriving with us and undamaged, and no motion sickness while traveling (that last one is a HUGE miracle in and of itself!). 

We have now been here for one full month. Even through the ups and downs that come with any big transition like this move, we hope you will celebrate God’s faithfulness with us. While we get adjusted to our new home, learn culture, and learn language, we get to live in the village of Bwerenga and attend/serve at Bwerenga Bible Baptist Church. When we visited this church 6 years ago on our survey trip, we planted a mango tree to signify that God was indeed calling us to serve as missionaries in Uganda. Year after year, as that tree grew, the people were reminded of God’s calling on our lives. To see that beautiful fruit-bearing tree in person now is truly an amazing testimony to the incredible work and faithfulness of our God. Thank you for praying, supporting, and celebrating with us as we do what God has called us to do! 


The Need is Great 

As we work towards obtaining our work permit and learn what daily life in our new culture looks like, we have been visiting markets in different areas to get out into the culture as well as meet new people. Everywhere we go, we pray for the Lord to open our eyes to the need of the Gospel. We pray for God to show us where it is we are to plant our first church when the time comes. In one day, Nolan had five conversations with different people at different times. Each one of the conversations revolved around why we have come to Uganda, and each person responded about how the specific town they live in is in need of more churches. They told us that most people travel over an hour on Sunday to the capital city because there is no church where they are. One of the men Nolan talked to said he was born into the Muslim faith. When Nolan asked if he still practiced Islam, the man said he is unsure because he does not think some of the things Islam asks him to do are right. Wow! The Lord is reminding us that the need for the truth of the Gospel and more Baptist churches is great. He is going before as only He does and is already working in the hearts of people. Please pray for this man as we hope to cultivate a relationship and continue having Gospel centered conversations. Pray also that the Lord will open doors in His perfect timing to the place of our future church plant.

                              The Mango tree “then” and “now” ~ God is Faithful!

                                  First Sunday at Bwerenga Bible Baptist Church