Good News Indeed! 

Discipleship has continued on well! We are so thankful for the growth we have seen as these men and women ask questions and seem to truly desire to live according to the Bible. We asked you to pray for Morris and Benjamin as their salvation was unclear. Thank you for praying! Just this past month, Benjamin told Nolan that he got saved! 

Benjamin shared this testimony with us: “For a long time, I thought I got saved in my home village. But I never really understood what salvation was or what I did; I just knew I wanted to be saved. Since we have started discipleship, I now KNOW what salvation is according to the Bible. I prayed last night so that now I know that I know that I’m going to Heaven.” 

Hallelujah and praise the Lord!! 


“Tusoma Luganda” ~We are Studying Luganda!

It has been amazing to finally start language learning! We have been going to class, and studying Luganda for one month now. We thank the Lord for a great teacher who not only teaches us words and grammar, but who also takes the time to teach us some Ugandan history and culture that will help us better communicate with others. It has been encouraging to be able to greet and have small conversations with people in Luganda at markets or even on our walk to and from church. We still have a long way to go, but we thank the Lord for the progress that has been made.

Nolan teaching the children at Bwerenga Bible Baptist Church 

Praise The Lord for Benjamin’s Salvation!

Language Class with our teacher Jackson

Celebrating birthdays in Uganda for Kayson (5) and Maylee (2)