Not Yes. Not No. But WAIT. 


A theme we see a lot throughout the Bible in the life of  Abraham, Joseph, Esther, Paul and so many others. As we read and re-read these Biblical accounts, knowing how each story ends, we can easily minimize the years of waiting each of these people had to go through. Waiting is a common thread woven throughout the lives of God’s children. And yet, somehow, when waiting becomes your reality, it hits like a ton of bricks. Here we are with the month of February behind us, and the only step forward in every direction we look is to wait. 

As many of you know, for the past few months, we were on a 90 day furlough due to Ugandan visa regulations.  At the beginning of February, we were legally able to begin the process of applying for new visas to return to Uganda. 

Unfortunately, every avenue we take to get visas back into Uganda has so far ended with “Wait.” Through all of the trying, we have never been told “No,” just simply to “Wait.”  Will you please keep this situation in your prayers? 

~ Pray for avenues to open to let us apply for visas.

~ Pray for our visas to be approved soon after applying. 

~Pray for our hearts as we wait to get back to Uganda in God’s perfect timing. 

~Pray for our minds as we must daily remind ourselves to rest in God’s strength, timing, and will. 

~ Pray for our children, Kayson and Maylee, as there are a lot of emotions wrapped around this whole situation.


Serving in the Midst of Waiting 

To quote what BBFI Director Jon Konnerup said when we met with him a few weeks ago: “It’s time to hurry up and wait.” During this time of waiting on God’s timing, it’s easy to be discouraged and doubt what God is doing. However, we know God has a plan for us, and we are choosing to trust Him! The best thing we can do during this waiting period is continue to serve Him right where He has us. We are so thankful that over the course of this last month, we have been able to serve at our sending church, preach at a supporting church, video call a kid’s class, and speak at a local Christian school. Actively waiting by staying busy for the Lord has been the theme of our month.

Nolan sharing at Osage Baptist Church, Marshfield MO

Janay teaching kid’s Sunday school at our sending church

Kayson participating in Cherry Streets Sparks Float your Boat race

Nolan and Janay speaking about missions and Uganda on a career day at a local Christian school