Standing in the Need of Prayer 

While we may not fully understand the purpose for which God brought us back to the States from Uganda so soon, it has been amazing and humbling to see glimpses of His sovereign hand at work. Towards the end of February, doctors found a tumor on the left side of Nolan’s abdomen. At that time, doctors were unsure if surgery was actually needed. Since then, the tumor has continued to grow, and doctors have recently found a second lump indicating the presence of a second tumor. We now know that surgery is an absolute need. Nolan has a consultation with the surgeon this month to learn the details of the needed surgery and get placed on the schedule. At this time, doctors are 80% sure the tumors are benign; however, nothing will be known for certain until they are removed and tested. We truly covet your prayers for this situation. 

Praises in the Storm

Even in light of the upcoming surgery, we continue to keep in contact with Ugandan Immigration and our lawyer. Slowly but surely, the visa application process is turning from “wait” to “yes.” Our lawyer in Uganda has received news from the immigration office that they should be ready to receive visa applications very soon!

During our last month in Uganda, we shared the amazing news with you that through the discipleship program Nolan was leading, a young man named Benjamin got saved. Since we have been back, Nolan talks with Benjamin regularly and has had many conversations about Baptism. Benjamin understood the purpose of Baptism, but was reluctant because of his fear of water.  Recently, Benjamin and the National Pastor reached out to us to let us know that Benjamin has taken the first step of obedience by following the Lord in Baptism! We are so proud of him for setting his fear aside and taking such a public stand of his faith. 

In this time of waiting, we are still burdened for the people of Uganda and anxiously await our return. However, since we cannot be in Uganda at the moment, we know that our current mission field is simply where God has placed us. Over the course of this past month Nolan has been able to assist the staff at our sending church, Cherry Street Baptist Church. In addition to singing in the choir, teaching in the 5th grade Sunday school class, and serving at the church’s Easter egg hunt, we were able to help in Jr. Church during Easter Sunday. After the lesson, a young girl raised her hand indicating that she was not saved. Janay was able to open the Bible with her to explain the Gospel, and that morning, the young girl made the decision to accept Christ as her personal Savior! What an incredible way to celebrate the fact that we serve a RISEN Savior! 

We look forward to seeing the many opportunities the Lord will bring our way to be a witness for Him during this difficult time of waiting. 

Easter Sunday at Cherry Street Baptist Church (Our sending church)

Benjamin’s Baptism in Bwerenga, Uganda

Nolan teaching the 5th grade Sunday School class at Cherry Street Baptist

Serving at Cherry Street Baptist Church Easter Egg Hunt